Should I Get In-Person or Online CBT?

Despite the fact that we are - fingers crossed - finally coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many CBT therapists in Billericay, Essex, and further afield continue to offer sessions online over Zoom. A lot of people have become used to using Zoom as a way of receiving therapy and feel comfortable with it, while others may have been dying to get back to the practice room.

You might be thinking about seeking CBT for the first time and feel unsure about whether it’s best to see me at my Billericay practice or stay at home and have sessions over Zoom. To help you make the right decision for yourself, this blog post walks you through the merits of each format.


If you are seeking CBT therapy in Billericay for the first time, or struggle more generally with the anxiety of visiting a new place, it may be favourable to start doing sessions online from the comfort of your own home. CBT over Zoom allows you to feel more at ease and speak with greater freedom about the thoughts you are having. You have an added veneer of privacy, and as a result it feels easier to walk through difficult scenarios and speak about how they make you feel internally. You can do the CBT work with greater confidence from a place that is familiar.

There is also the benefit of flexibility and convenience. You won’t have to spend time or money travelling to and from my practice, which is always handy! On top of that, online CBT is more suitable for those with a busy schedule, making it much less likely you’ll miss a session due to unexpected work/life commitments.


Some might feel like online CBT is less anxiety-inducing, but others will insist that face-to-face CBT is the only meaningful way to make genuine progress. CBT is a structured form of therapy that encourages you to explore thinking patterns, associated emotions, and recalibrate automatic interpretations and opinions we have about ourselves and others. Being in the same room as your therapist puts more onus on you to actively do the work associated with CBT. Speaking with someone face-to-face encourages you to be more ‘present’.

Furthermore, if your home life isn’t peaceful, visiting my private, cosy practice may be the bit of escape you need to untangle your thoughts and speak freely. There are many people out there who feel like their therapist’s room is the only safe place on earth for them. Visiting the same venue each week can serve as an important anchor in this sense. CBT is a gradual process of learning about how one thinks and changing these patterns for the better, and having a dedicated place to do this work can make your therapy more effective.

If you are still unsure about whether you’d prefer to receive CBT therapy in Billericay or online, feel free to give me a call and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. 


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